Appeal for Funds

Dear Estonians and Estonian Organisations in Australia,

Each year the Council of Estonian Societies in Australia runs an Appeal for Funds to support the activities that keep Estonian culture, heritage and language alive in Australia.

This year is no different – without your donations AESL’s support to these activities would not be possible. We want to keep the Estonian Newspaper Meie Kodu continuing in Australia, generation after generation our children enjoy the Estonian way life at Youth Summer Camp Sõrve, we keep on collecting and storing our memories at Estonian Archives in Australia, we support the availability to learn the Estonian language to all interested.

This year has a difference as well. We kicked off the 2018 celebrating 100 years of declaration of independence in Estonia. This means so much to us. We are happy for Estonia, we are happy for Estonians in Australia, surviving and thriving so far from homeland.

In the past AESL has inherited from two very generous Estonians. This inheritance has enabled our heritage to continue for all of us. Maybe this year, as we celebrate and give thanks for the 100 years of Estonia, will make us more generous with our donations – with AESL’s limited funds, every amount counts.

Please join in, in any way you can, and be a part Estonia’s future in Australia.

Sirje Jõgi Rivers
AESL Committee Secretary