Leia oma eesti
28.03.2023 kell 16.00 (EET) toimub juba teine üleilmne eestlaste veebikohtumine. Seekord on külaliseks Mailis Sütiste-Gnannt - aktiivne eestluse hoidja Prantsusmaal. „Leia oma Eesti“ on diasporaa kohtumispaik, kus saab kuulata teisi ja jagada oma lugu.
In October 2023, a team of engineers and students from Estonia will take part in the prestigious Bridgestone World Solar Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide.
Estonian Invasion
An invasion has begun. These killer Estonians with holiday working visas are primed to annex the stage! This is no whacky novelty act — every comic in this showcase is a proper stand-up with over a thousand gigs under their belt. Big fish from a small pond are here to make a splash!
Temporary Visa Holder
Olga's sharp, at times dry commentary on what life has been like for a temporary visa holder during the pandemic in Australia. She never expected to stay in Australia longer than a year.
Passport ID cards
Step through the process in renewing your documents. Contact embassy to do fingerprints or applying for a new passport.
Backpacking & Farm Work in Australia
An overview of the current state of migration and farm work in Australia, and sheds light on the experiences and challenges faced by Working Holiday Makers - a must read!
Looking where to find those delicious foods that you remember back in Estonia...?
Services & Gifts
Check here for Estonian owned services and businesses in Australia.
Find all the Estonian community Facebook groups in Australia in one place.

business showcase

Featuring a random selection of Estonian related businesses and services in Australia