Passport ID cards
Step through the process in renewing your documents. Contact embassy to do fingerprints or applying for a new passport. Next mission to Melbourne: 7 Sep 2022
AESL Donation Drive
AESL brings the funds together and supports Estonian culture and the traditional events and enterprises all over Australia. Thank you for considering AESL invitation for donations. If you can be part of this drive, please do so.
KODA by Kodasema will begin manufacturing their tiny houses in Australia shortly. Sign up for their newsletter for latest updates.
Looking where to find those delicious foods that you remember back in Estonia...?
Services & Gifts
Check here for Estonian owned services and businesses in Australia.
History Podcast
Including the prophetic speech Lennart Meri gave in Hamburg 1994 where Putin (deputy St Petersburg major at the time) walked out. Includes reference to the "Karaganov doctrine".
Find all the Estonian community Facebook groups in Australia in one place.

business showcase

Featuring a random selection of Estonian related businesses and services in Australia