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Integratsiooni Sihtasutus nõustab tagasipöördujaid, kellel on tekkinud huvi ja soov Eestisse tagasi pöörduda ning ka neid, kes on juba alustanud uut elu Eestis. Nõustaja aitab planeerida sujuvamat tagasipöördumist Eestisse. Nõustamine hõlmab nii praktilist infot, kui ka Eestis taas kohanemisega seotud teemasid
A replay of the 13 April forum is now available via YouTube here. Estonian and English languages are offered.
Services & Gifts
Check here for Estonian owned services and businesses in Australia. Also a good place to get Estonian gifts.
If you are an Estonian national and travelling in Australia, please see this information.
Find all the Estonian community Facebook groups in Australia in one place.
Estonian e-Residency enables digital entrepreneurs to start and manage an EU-based company online.
Passport ID cards
Step through the process of how to renew your documents. Contact the embassy to express your interest if needing to do fingerprints or applying for a new passport. Passport Mission to Melbourne 29 May, contact the embassy.
Bringing Estonian cinema home to you. Watch the best Estonian movies on the internet.
AESL Donations
Please make your generous donation to support the ongoing efforts to see our Estonian heritage and culture, not only continue, but flourish.

business showcase

Featuring a random selection of Estonian related businesses and services in Australia