Kersti was born in Melbourne to Estonian parents who fled from the Soviet occupation of Estonia during World War II.

Kersti began actively participating in Estonian activities as a teenager, firstly as a member of the folk dancing group, then also as Secretary of Elagu! (the bilingual Estonian/English newspaper) and by helping to organise Eesti Noortepäevad (Estonian Youth Festivals) and ESTO ‘88 events.

During the 1990s when living in the USA, Kersti and her husband visited Chicago Eesti Maja on numerous occasions.

More recently, Kersti has been the Secretary of the 2014 Eesti Päevad Art Exhibition, resuming this role as Secretary of the 2020 Eesti Päevad Art Exhibition. Kersti’s educational qualifications include Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level degrees. Now retired, Kersti spent the latter decades of her career managing IT programs of work in the public and private sectors and as an Adjunct Professor of RMIT University.

As a member of the Working Group, Kersti is keen to ensure that a transparent and consultative step wise approach is applied to arrive at a recommended solution.

Kersti retains a basic proficiency in the Estonian language.