Imbi Knappstein is a first generation Australian-Estonian, born into the South Australian branch of the Lindsaar family. Having grown up in Melbourne, Imbi didn’t become actively involved in the Melbourne Estonian community until 2003 when she joined the Eiderattad folk dancing group. As one of only a few Australian-Estonians of her generation who speak Estonian, Imbi joined the Melbourne’i Eesti Ühing in 2005 until 2008, and was a member of the XXII Melbourne Eesti Päevad Committee. In 2009, Imbi joined the Austraalia Eesti Seltside Liit (AESL) as Assistant Secretary for the full 3 year term. Now as a mother of two young children, Imbi enjoys watching them develop their Estonian connection through dancing with the Melbourne children’s folk dancing group, listening to Estonian childrens music and speaking the mother tongue with their Vanaema.