Ain was born in Schöenberg, Germany at the end of World War 2 and with his parents and sister migrated to Australia in 1950. After spending some time in Bonegilla, Mildura and Ocean Grove they finally settled in Geelong, where an active Estonian Community became established and continued until that generation of Estonians passed on.

Ain began his working life as an Industrial Chemist and later became a senior Technical Manager at in several companies. Ain became involved as the Charter President of a Rotaract Club and has served as the President of a Rotary Club and on a Rotary District Youth Committee.

Ain was able to recover the original title deed documents for his mother’s property in Tallinn in 1991. This enabled her to regain ownership of some of her property after Estonia’s independence from Russia.

Since then Ain has revisited Estonia on 6 other occasions and has seen Estonia both in summer and winter and attended the 2014 Laulupidu. Ain, as a holder of shares in the Estonian House Co-operative is keen to see that a professional approach to understanding the needs / wants of the broader Estonian Community is undertaken to result in an accepted solution.

He has 4 children and 6 grandchildren and is keen to ensure that they continue to respect and appreciate both Estonian History and its Culture.