Dear Estonians and friends,

AESL DONATIONS DRIVE 2/2022 open to celebrate the Restoration of Estonian Independence!

The thought of relativity of independence is heavy on our minds this year.

Heavy minds may not be helpful though, but progressive thoughts and acts are.

Like a game of chess, we all have our prepositions and restricted moves. What moves are there for AESL, to make our “game” stronger?

AESL’s responsibility is for Estonians in Australia, being an umbrella organisation for all Estonian organisations since the 1950s. Where and how do we stand in 2022? Let’s answer the two-part question this way: All that started in 1950s is good – eesti singing, eesti dancing, eesti costumes and handicraft are still going amazingly. But in the reality of 2022, we are not doing well at all – our organisations are run in English, our 15 member organisations gather only 10% of Estonians in Australia.

That we have the old still standing shows amazing resilience, but being stuck in it shows weakness. It’s a much bigger wider gameboard out there. How did we get stuck in time is a question that every organisation may want to ask themselves, in order to make it into 2022. This question is relevant to independence, to restoration, to Estonia, relevant to our position in this game. What strategy do we need to get ahead? Who is an Estonian in Australia in 2022, all 11 and a half thousand of us?

Dear Estonian in Australia, thank you for thinking along the question AESL is raising. For AESL adjustments, we should not only make people consider alternative moves but lead the way. AESL does have initiatives in mind, but leading the way and actions takes resources. Before something starts flowing its natural way, a new path is to be created.

Dear Estonian, you know that we are at a point where change is needed – or happening, if we let it. Are we even relevant as an ethnic group in 2022? After all, we came to Australia, to make it here? If we feel Estonian and Estonia’s independence is hot in our heart, then we have the power to strategise and to make our move – the move that is only in our hands to make. We may not be a big player on the board, but no player is more important than the other, it is the moves that count.

Please make your generous donation to the account of:
Council of Estonian Societies in Australia
Commonwealth Bank
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Or send a cheque payable to:
Council of Estonian Societies in Australia
PO Box 6606
Melbourne VIC 3004
Attn: Ingrid Provan
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Please remember that every donation, even a small amount, COUNTS.
Please remember that you can donate to the area of AESL direction that suits best to you.

Thank you, and Happy Restoration of Independence day from the AESL Board!