Do you live in Australia and are of Estonian descent, part of the diaspora in Australia, Estonian backpacker/student/traveller or simply just want to advertise your services to the Estonian community at large in Australia? If so, please strongly consider submitting details of your business so that other Estonians on this website, know of what you can offer and can contact you.

You never know, you may also make new friends!

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The Estonian ICT Cluster is a collaboration platform for enterprises, created to boost the development of new products and solutions and foster their export to the international market.

It helps help countries and organisations achieve world-class digital societies. Its ability to simultaneously improve policy, organisational processes, and technology sets it apart. Estonian IT companies operate on a one-stop shop logic, offering strategy consulting, change management, and IT development for creating working e-solutions. Seamlessly working digital services increase the potential for economic growth and a higher quality of life.